Photo of John Constantino MD
John Constantino MD

Dr. Constantino serves as a Consultant for the HCT-RN. He is also a Blanche F. Ittleson Professor and Director of the William Greenleaf Eliot Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. Dr. Constantino’s work has involved the genetic epidemiology of autistic social impairment, quantitative methods for measuring inherited phenotypic components of autistic syndromes, and the discovery of distinct patterns of familial aggregation of sub clinical autistic traits in the relatives of children with autism. He has co-authored over 50 original peer-reviewed papers in the scientific literature. He has pioneered the development of rapid quantitative methods for measuring inherited aspects of social impairment, which are currently in use worldwide and have contributed to new approaches to the discovery of genes that confer risk for autism and related disorders. These methods have been instrumental in disentangling nature-nurture effects on a broad array of social developmental disorders (including autism, conduct disorder, and personality disorder). Dr. Constantino currently holds grants with NIH / NICHD, Autism Speaks, Simons Foundation, CDC and HRSA, participates in scientific review committees for the Autism Speaks, March of Dimes Foundation, Simons Foundation and the United States Army Medical Research and Materiel Command (USAMRMC), and has served on the scientific advisory committee for AGRE (a program of Autism Speaks) since 2005.

Wesley Garlick JD

Mr. Wesley Garlick is an associate attorney at Augustin Egelsee LLP. Mr. Garlick graduated from Chapman Law School in 2012. While attending Chapman, he had the opportunity to gain experience working with students with special needs at the Disability Rights Legal Center. During his time as an attorney, Mr. Garlick has provided legal representation at all stages of the educational process, including: IEP meetings, 504 meetings, Resolution Sessions, Mediations, Due Process Hearings, Expulsion Hearings, and Involuntary Transfers. Mr. Garlick is continuously seeking to gain appropriate educational placements and services for special education students.

Photo of Lisa Goring BS
Lisa Goring BS

Ms. Goring is Executive Vice President of programs and services for Autism Speaks, providing direction and management of the family services department since its inception in 2007. Under her leadership, the family services department provides information to empower families and positively impact the outcomes of individuals with autism. Ms. Goring and her team have created a number of popular resources and tool kits for the community including: 1) a 100 Day Kit for newly diagnosed families (10,000 hard copies, 79,000 downloads, translated into 5 languages), 2) A School Community Tool Kit to support learners with autism in the school environment (26,000 downloads), 3) a Dental Tool Kit with tips and resources for parents and dental professionals (49,000 downloads), 4) a Transition Toolkit for adolescents transitioning to adulthood (3,000 hard copies, 23,000 downloads), and 5) an Employment Tool kit (12,000 downloads). Ms. Goring also serves as staff liaison to the Family Services Committee, was one of the founding members of Advancing Futures for Adults with Autism (AFAA), and currently serves as treasurer of AFAA. Prior to Autism Speaks, Ms. Goring spent 19 years at Saks Fifth Avenue where she was a vice president of merchandising. She is a past president of her local School Community Association and also worked as a teaching assistant for students with autism. Ms. Goring holds a B.S. from Boston University. She and her husband have two children including a teenage son with autism.

Photo of W. Douglas Tynan PhD, ABPP
W. Douglas Tynan PhD, ABPP

Board Certified in Clinical Child & Adolescent Psychology and Health Psychology, he has had a long career in education and psychology, starting out as a special education teacher at a school and summer camp program for children with autism. Following graduate school at Binghamton University, where he also worked on an autism treatment unit, he went on to develop team programs at Cumberland Hospital, a children’s rehabilitation hospital, than a second program at Children’s National Medical Center to reduce re-admissions for children with Type I diabetes. He then developed co-located health and mental health programs in pediatric clinics in medically underserved areas that emphasized screening and linkages to education programs. Dr. Tynan also implemented effective evidence based programs for children with oppositional and defiant behaviors that have been successfully used for over 25 years. He has also served on the Committee for the Evaluation of Head Start on a national level. A Professor of Pediatrics at Jefferson Medical College, his interests are primarily in the coordination of health, mental health, education and social services to serve families more effectively and efficiently to address the needs of patients of all ages.