Photo of James Connell PhD
James Connell PhD

Dr. Connell is Co-investigator of the HCT-RN. He is also a school psychologist and co-leads the Eastern PA Autism Services Education and Treatment (ASERT) Network, funded by the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare. Dr. Connell works on a range of initiatives relevant to the HCT-RN ranging from the development of consulting models that support community service providers’¬†management of challenging behaviors in adults with autism to the development of customized employment models. Dr. Connell is also helping Philadelphia’s largest clinic for children and youth with special health care needs integrate behavioral health services, including those around transition.

Photo of Neal Halfon MD, MPH
Neal Halfon MD, MPH

Dr. Halfon is a Co-Investigator of the HCT-RN. He is also a Professor of Pediatrics in the David Geffen School of Medicine at UCLA, the Department of Health Services in the School of Public Health, and Public Policy in the School of Public Affairs. Dr. Halfon is also the founding Director of the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families, and Communities. In addition, Dr. Halfon is a board member of Children Youth and Families at the Institute of Medicine and National Research Council, 2001-2006; Principal Investigator for the L.A. and Ventura Study Center for the National Children’s Study; member of the IOM Committee on Child Health; director of the W.K. Kellogg funded Transforming Early Childhood Community Systems (TECCS) Initiative, a collaborative venture with United Way Worldwide. Dr. Halfon’s research has spanned clinical, health services, epidemiologic and health policy domains. Dr. Halfon has worked on several initiatives aimed at improving early childhood systems and has played a significant role in developing life course theories of health development and applying the life course health development model to a range of specific MCH-related issues and has worked on several initiated aimed at improving early childhood systems.

Photo of Craig Newschaffer PhD
Craig Newschaffer PhD

Dr. Newschaffer is a Co-investigator of the HCT-RN. He is also an investigator on multiple autism research networks including the Early Autism Research Longitudinal Investigation (EARLI) network (funded by an NIH Autism Center of Excellence award, on which he is PI), the Autism and Developmental Disabilities Monitoring network and the multi-site Study to Explore Early Development, the latter two projects funded by the CDC. In his positions of leadership in these networks he has managed advisory boards, overseen data coordinating centers, and developed policies around collaborative and ancillary analyses. In addition to his direct experience with a range of research networks, Dr. Newschaffer has served in a number of research agenda-setting capacities including membership on the Department of Defense’s Autism Research Program Vision Setting Panel and the Autism Speaks Science Advisory Board, consulting expert to the Interagency Autism Coordinating Council, and participant in the latest NIEHS strategic planning process.